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Game Day Style- Bethesda: Hales Corners, WI

There is nothing better than sinking into your couch with a cold beer, ready to cheer on the Packers! OK….maybe the only thing better is watching the Packers live at Lambeau Field, while you hoot and holler in a bikini in record-breaking-negative-degree-weather in the 3rd row from the bottom on the Packers side, then proceed to get on national television with your best friends and your friend’s-dad’s-cousin’s-aunt’s-brother are all blowing up your phone because they saw you on Bleacher Report & ESPN. (YES THIS HAPPENED- how “All-American” of me, ha!)

Anyways, my Packers-bikini-girl days are over…So that means one thing….OVERSIZED VINTAGE PACKER CREW NECKS! I found this bad boy at one of my favorite thrift stores, the Bethesda in Hales Corners, a couple of years ago while I was still in college.  And besides a custom Packer dress that I sewed with the help of a close friend, this sweatshirt has been the Packer gear that I get the most compliments on- and it costed me a whopping $3.99!

Maybe it’s the vintage hipster vibe it puts off, but college kids loved this thing.  I even had friends ask to borrow it for game days sometimes.  And for cuddling up on a rainy Fall day to cheer on the Packers, there’s nothing better!  Be sure to stop in at your local thrift shops to see what vintage gear you can find for yourself!


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