A Year of Dates: November

Earlier this month, Cody and I went on our second date night in our “A Year of Dates” series!  Seriously- this night included soooo many moments that I wish I could have included in this video.

Right before we were about to leave for our date, I couldn’t find the gift certificate we were given!  We searched everywhere- basically flipped the house upside down- and I even called Board and Brush to see if they had the gift certificate number on file.  Lo and behold- it was on the fridge, right where I left it!

But the crazy didn’t end there- on our way to the studio, we were stopped at a red light behind a white utility van (“creeper van,” as some might say).  Cody screamed, “THERE’S A PERSON LOOKING AT US IN THE BACK OF THAT VAN”! And he was right- it was the eeriest thing, and made my skin crawl when I looked up at the van.  At first I thought it was a mask that the driver hung up in this vehicle as a joke- but as we followed behind it we realized it was a person staring out the back of the van- soon joined by others.  Cue me frantically calling the Waukesha County Sheriff’s department….Fingers crossed the police were able to figure out what this was all about…


As we say- “The joy is in the journey!”

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