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The BEST Jewelry Organizer for Under $10!

Ladies- I’ve finally found it- the BEST way to keep our necklaces and bracelets organized and easily accessible!!! The best part is, it costed less than $10!!!  I’ve always struggled with what I should use- jewelry boxes, cardboard boxes from jewelry stores, etc. But this option allows me to easily see which necklace will match my outfit the best. 

I did this in my college apartment and it worked wonders!  However, for the last year my jewelry has pretty much been a tangled up mess in cardboard boxes in moving from my college apartment-> adult life apartment -> our first HOUSE!  Now that we are settled, I thought this was the perfect time to pass this tidbit of organization onto you!

How do you keep your jewelry organized? I’m always looking for new and exciting ideas! Leave me a comment below!

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