The Best Wedding Gift for Under $20!

A lot of times, buying wedding gifts for friends and family members can get pretty monotonous.  A mixing bowl set here…a cutting board there…throw in the infamous veggie chopper…the list goes on.  Although Cody and I were excited to get things we placed on our registry (we were thrilled with any gift we received, really), it was the gifts that showed an extra touch of personalization that we are still impressed with.  This shadow box is no exception!

This gift we received is so special to us, because not only does it remind us of our special day, but it has one of the most important pieces of planning this day at the forefront- our wedding invitation! In this tutorial, I’ll take you through exactly what you’ll need in order to make a special keepsake for your friends and family!  Please be sure to drop a comment, or post on my Facebook wall- I’d love to see how your project goes!



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