Karlee Horlacher is a Wisconsin-based lifestyle blogger, who prides herself on her positive spirit, and knack for finding adventure in all situations. With dual-degree majors in Journalism and Sales from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Karlee uses her blog as a creative outlet to bring ideas, inspiration, and goals to life.

The influence for “This All-American Wife” came from the mindset that people are continuously learning and thriving in their journeys; busy exploring different places in the world, trying new activities and growing together in love. A newlywed herself, Karlee’s version of an “All-American Wife” is one that holds true to these ideals, and at the same time, represents a woman who isn’t afraid to make mistakes, get her hands dirty, and laugh loudly. “This All-American Wife” isn’t perfect- and that’s the beauty of it.

Karlee resides in Mukwonago, Wisconsin with her husband, Cody.  They enjoy trying new activities, but especially love being tourists in small towns, playing trampoline dodgeball, and fishing for the biggest Bass in Phantom Lake!

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